Welcome to Everlash - Jakarta’s Favorite Lash Salon

Established in 2015, Everlash has quickly become one of the most reputable and highly acclaimed lash lounge brands in Indonesia, catering to a respectable and sizable clientele.

After pioneering Novalash® in Jakarta, Everlash continues to introduce innovative and groundbreaking, high quality products from the US and Europe to help you look your very best.

Here at Everlash, we take pride in delivering the best service for our clients. Technicians and stylists undergo rigorous training and certification. Whatever your personal style may be, our skilled technicians are trained to tailor personalized designs that best compliment your look.

In addition to aesthetically pleasing results, Everlash places great emphasis on the health and safety aspects of treatments, ensuring great cleanliness, and maintaining practices that ensure the health of your natural lashes.

We strive to cater to all our #everlashdarlings.


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