Introducing: Lavere Lash Academy. Lashing With Dignity

Education with Lavere means you are part of Lavere family; a community of lash artists who are supportive of one another and share our belief of Lashing With Dignity.


Find The Perfect Course That You Need To Become a Successful Business Owner in Lash Industry

Course Types:

1. Classic Certification

2. Lashmakers Foundation Russian Volume Certification

3. Classic Refresher + Foundation Russian Volume Certification

4. Combination Classic + Foundation Russian Volume Certification

5. Advanced Mega Volume + Advanced Styling & Layering Russian Volume Certification (Masterclass)

6. Novalash Workshop Class


What You Will Get :

Novalash® and premium eyelash kit

Elleebana® lash lift solutions

Complete tools for lash extension

Learning materials for reading and review from Novalash® & Elleebana® 

3 International Certificates