Stem Cell Journey

Fit and rising young entrepreneur Vanessa Budihardja (@chillibean) making her journey for a longer luscious thick natural lashes with Stem Cell treatment at Everlash!


Hi Vanessa! So tell me about yourself and why you chose to do the Stem Cell treatment with Everlash?

I'm a strength and conditioning trainer at Empire Fit Club and a Nike trainer. I chose to do the Stem Cell treatment with Everlash because I lost a lot of my natural lash from an allergic reaction to lash tint a while back somewhere else.


What did you expect this treatment would be like? 

I expected the treatment to be seamless because Everlash is very professional. All my friends who have been there also gave me solid reviews so I had no doubts whatsoever.

*Did you know? We use microneedle to stimulate your hair follicles for it to grow. As scary as the word needles sound, this procedure does not hurt. You can liken the sensation to your lid being brushed by electric toothbrush!


Did you get the result you expected? Would you recommend it to others?

For sure.. I got the result I wanted. My lashes are now a lot longer. They measure it every month I think I started at 7 mm and finished at 10 to 11mm. It's crazy long, nice and thick. For me the result is better than expected and I've never done anything like this ever in my life. What can I say, it works! Beyond my expectation! I would 100% recommend this to my friends. A few of them actually have went and are also happy with the result.

Let us see Vanessa's result over the course of 3 months:


I heard you are moving to Bali! We are so gonna miss you at our salon. What's your personal and professional goal in let's say two years?

My personal and pro goal in 2-3 years time is I wanna be the best indonesian female trainer focusing in strength and conditioning training.

I want to build a wonderful and healthy, health and women's community in Indonesia and hoping Bali will be my platform. I want to make training a regular part of our culture.


Any tips for our clients who would love to get fit? and what's the best way of staying healthy?

I think you should try everything! And find out what you like, whether it's yoga, crossfit, dance, and take any classes. Find somethig that fits your schedule and lifestyle the best. Grab new friends and make new friends and be part of the community to workout together, support each other, and of course have fun!


Each process includes a thorough consultation, and 1 hour treatment time done by our certified trainers.

Relax and indulge in our comfy lash salon, and let us grow them lashes!



With love,