Stem Cell Lash Regrowth

The Only Solution To Permanent, Longer & Fuller Lashes


Stem Cell Lash Regrowth

Using stem cell and the most advanced technology from Germany. You can now grow your lashes permanently and safely. Guaranteed measurable and visible result that is pain free.

Stem Cell Lash Regrowth

The Tools & Process

The process uses a specially design lash pen to stimulate pores, allowing deep penetration of the serum without pain.

The package consist of three treatments done once a month. Each treatment only takes 45 minutes and be applied to your lashes and brows.

Stem Cell Lash Regrowth

Healthy Lashes

Each month after the treatment you will be shown how much your lashes have grown. This is done by comparing the photo of your lash lines prior and after the treatments. Expect growth after only one treatment and optimum results by the third month.


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You will be introduced to a wide selection of lash choices and designs to get the look you desire. Add your pampering experience with foot massage and nail treatments. All treatments will be done in our comfortable bed where you can catch up on your beauty sleep.

New set of eyelash extension will take about 1.5 hours – 2.5 hours depending on your natural lash count, condition and the styling you request. This timing excludes lash removal or additional cleansing required if you have eye make up. It is recommended that you come in without eye makeup.

We all lead busy lives, which is why lash extensions are our beauty heroes. If you are new to Everlash or want a different lash type, we highly recommend coming in five to ten minutes before your appointment is scheduled get extensive consultation. Help us find out your needs and concerns so we can cater to you better. Rushed process makes it difficult for us to give you the best results.

Avoid caffeine before your appointment, as it can make it difficult to lie still during the application process. Please silent your phone and be considerate to others. Make time to relax, close your eyes and relax with little talking. We try to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for all clients.

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